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Conference Bibliography

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I. Bullying

A. Statistics

1 in 6 students is regularly bullied, survey shows

68% Would Give Their Child Plastic Surgery to Prevent Harassment [SURVEY]

71% of pupils admit being a bully

About Half of Adults Say Schools Should Take Action When Kids Bully With Social Isolation

Adolescents think school bullying 'will keep on happening' and resign themselves to it

A million children being bullied on Facebook

A Multilevel Examination of Peer Victimization and Bullying Preventions in Schools

British Crime Survey finds one in five children frightened by bullies

Bullied Teens Face Roadblocks to Mental Health Services

Bullying Affects a Quarter of High Schools Students


Bullying Common in Grade School

Bullying Likely to Occur in the Classroom; Nearly Two-thirds of Students Bullied in Past Month

Bullying survey: Most teens have hit someone out of anger

Bullying Victims Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands; 31 Times More Likely To Bring A Weapon To School

Bullying's Hidden Cost: Schools Lose Millions of Dollars When Kids Stay Home

Drug use, bullying up with Arizona teens

Education.com Reveals One Third of Parents Uncertain How to Handle Bullying

FBI says 71 percent of school shooters felt bullied

Four out of 10 young children are being bullied

Gender differences in the relative impact of physical and relational bullying on adolescent injury and weapon carrying

Girls twice as likely as boys to remain victims of bullying

National Study Finds Widespread Sexual Harassment of Students in Grades 7 to 12

Nine of 10 teenagers have witnessed bullying on social networks, study finds

Only 17% of children trust dad for advice about bullying

Sibling bullying makes psychotic disorders three times more likely

Research finds bullies and victims 3 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts by age 11

Social Bullying Prevalent in Children's Television

Study finds third of teachers have been bullied online

Study: Bullying outweighs obesity in parents' minds

Survey: 1 in 4 Teens Bullied at School

Survey: Teachers often feel threatened by bullies

Swedish Teens Say Individual Traits Are the Main Reasons for Bullying

B. Warning Signs

C. Definition of Bullying

D. Bullying Risk Factors

Access to a Loaded Gun Without Adult Permission and School-Based Bullying

Adolescents' Vulnerability to Peer Victimization: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Predictors

Aggressive behavior, bullying, snoring, and sleepiness in schoolchildren

Alone and adrift: The association between mass school shootings, school size, and student support

A Preliminary Study of Bully and Victim Behavior in Old-for-Grade Students: Another Potential Hidden Cost of Grade Retention or Delayed School Entry

Are adolescents with chronic conditions particularly at risk of bullying?

Are depressed kids bully magnets?

Are children with epilepsy at greater risk for bullying than their peers?

Are reading difficulties associated with bullying involvement?

Asperger Syndrome and School Bullying

Association between bullying victimization and physical fighting among Filipino adolescents: Results from the Global School-Based Health Survey

Association Between Early Menarche and School Bullying

Association of pupil vandalism, bullying and truancy with teachers' absence due to illness: A multilevel analysis

Attachment Quality and Bullying Behavior in School-Aged Youth

Big Brothers More Likely to Bully Siblings Than Big Sisters Are, Italian Study Finds

Boy-girl Bullying In Middle Grades More Common Than Previously Thought

Breakfast Skipping is associated with Cyberbullying and School Bullying Victimization: A School-based Cross-sectional Study

Brief report: Emotional intelligence, victimisation and bullying in adolescents

Bullied boys: Why bright lads are being picked on

Bullies Face More Health, Safety Risks Than Their Victims Do

Bullies Pick on Unpopular Kids, Study Finds

Bullies target teens who cannot express emotion

Bullies, Victims and Bully-Victims

Bullying among girls in Japan and Hong Kong: An examination of the frustration-aggression model

Bullying among siblings

Bullying and Stress in Early Adolescence

Bullying at School, Home Linked

Bullying And Low Self-Esteem In Children Can Be Linked To Dental Appearance, UK

Bullying Behavior, Parents' Work Hours and Early Adolescents' Perceptions of Time Spent With Parents

Bullying in German adolescents

Bullying in Middle School as a Function of Insecure Attachment and Aggressive Attitudes

Bullying in school: are short pupils at risk? Questionnaire study in a cohort

Bullying is in the genes, study suggests

Bullying of extremely low birth weight children: Associated risk factors during adolescence

Bullying tendency wired in brain

Bullying to avoid being bullied

Bullying's roots traced to home

Bullying victims don’t have many enemies

CHEST: Bullying Part of Life for Kids With Asthma

Child Mental Health Problems as Risk Factors for Victimization

Children at higher risk in nontraditional homes

Children Born To Stressed Moms Have a Higher Chance of Being Bullied

Children may learn bullying from parents

Children with cancer 'bullied by classmates'

Children With Food Allergies Targeted By Bullies

Children with hearing loss face more bullying

Children with mental health disorders more often identified as bullies

Children With Multiple Siblings More Susceptible To Bullying

Children with potentially deadly nut allergies are being bullied

Children With Type 1 Bullied because of their Diabetes

Children's bullying involvement and maternal depressive symptoms

Children's peer victimization -- a mix of loyalty and preference

Cooperativeness and Bully/Victim Problems Among Australian School children

Cultivating Reputations: The Social Goal of Western Australian Primary School Bullies

Depressed, anxious 1st graders at risk of being bullied later: study

Depression, Peers Top Influences on Youth Violence

Deviant Lifestyles and Violent Victimization at School

Do children who bully their peers also play violent video games? A Canadian national study

Does public debate of LGBTI topics increase homophobic bullying?

Early Risk Factors for Being a Bully, Victim, or Bully/Victim in Late Elementary and Early Secondary Education. The longitudinal TRAILS study

Effects of bullying worse for teens

Examining variation in attitudes toward aggressive retaliation and perceptions of safety among bullies, victims, and bully/victims

Experiences of appearance-related teasing and bullying in skin diseases and their psychological sequelae: Results of a qualitative study

Experiences of social exclusion and bullying at school among children and youth with cerebral palsy

Exploring the Efficacy of a Modified School-Based Yoga Intervention on Aggression and Emotional Regulation in Children

Exploring the Link Between Low Self-Control and Violent Victimization Trajectories in Adolescents

Frequent School Nurse Visits May be Telltale Sign of Bullying

Gene makes kids more vulnerable to bullying's effects

Girls who start puberty early are less able to cope with stress

Global and physical self-esteem and body dissatisfaction as mediators of the relationship between weight status and being a victim of bullying

Heavy kids likely to bully or be bullied


High-school girls who consider themselves attractive are more likely to be targets for bullying

History of Family Involvement with Child Protective Services as a Risk Factor for Bullying in Ontario Schools

How to Raise a Child Who Doesn't Bully

Jeers Of Peers May Affect Adolescent Adjustment

Kids with ADHD may be more likely to bully

Kids with OCD bullied more than others, study shows

Kids With Psoriasis Often at Risk of Being Bullied: Survey

Kids Who Consider Everyone a Friend Are Less Likely to Bully

LGBT Middle School Kids Face More Harassment Than High Schoolers

Longitudinal Associations Among Bullying by Peers, Disordered Eating Behavior, and Symptoms of Depression During Adolescence

Middle children more likely to become bullies: Study

Moral reasoning and emotion attributions of adolescent bullies, victims, and bully-victims

Neglected at home and then bullied at school - children charity's survey findings

New Research Dispels Popular Myth That A Bully's Words Will Never Hurt You

New research links children’s perception of their body image with bullying

New research shows a link between diet and bullying

New study explores peer victimization amongst school kids

Obese teen girls more likely to be bullies: Study

Parent alcohol problems and peer bullying and victimization: child gender and toddler attachment security as moderators

Parent/child concordance about bullying involvement and family characteristics related to bullying and peer victimization

Peer Victimization in Korean Preschool Children

Perceived Weight and Bullying Victimization in Boys and Girls

Poor children in rich areas are bullied, says study

Poor motor skills: a risk marker for bully victimization

Poor nutrition and bullying behaviors: A comparison of deviant and non-deviant youth

Poor performance in physical education - a risk factor for bully victimization

Popular Kids Get Bullied, Too (But Having An 'Aggressive Friend' Helps)

Popular kids more likely to bully peers

Pre-Teen Alcohol Use as a Risk Factor for Victimization and Perpetration of Bullying among Middle and High School Students in Georgia

Procedural justice in resolving family disputes: Implications for childhood bullying

Prospective study of peer victimization and social-psychological adjustment in children with endocrine disorders

Reality TV encourages bullying behaviour in teenage girls- new research

Relationships between bullying victimization psychological distress and breakfast skipping among boys and girls

Researchers find bullies depressed, suicidal

School Bullies More Likely to Be Substance Users

Sexually active young girls more prone to bullying: Study

Socially Anxious Kids Are Bully Targets

Social status and shaming experiences related to adolescent overt aggression at school

Some Bullies Are Just the Shy Type: New Research Shows a Darker Side to Social Anxiety Disorder

Studies Reveal Why Kids Get Bullied and Rejected

Study Examines How and Why Children Become Chronically Abused by Peers

Study finds bullies are the bullied too

Study: Half of Teens With Gay Moms Bullied

Study Says Asian Americans Most Bullied in US Schools

Study: Gay girls more likely to be bullied

Study: Gifted children especially vulnerable to effects of bullying

Study: Teenage Boys Who Witness Their Peers Abusing Girls Are More Likely To Bully And Fight Others

Survey finds 90% of autistic kids bullied

Teen bullies and victims linked by distorted thinking

The association of paternal involvement and childhood bullying behavior

The impact of bullying and coping strategies on the psychological distress of young offenders

The Positive Role of School Climate on School Victimization, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation Among School-Attending Homeless Youth

Victims of bullying most likely to become bullies themselves

Violence in the home leads to higher rates of childhood bullying

White 2008 Study on Bullying and Special Education Placement as Predictors of Delinquency

Why Bullies Bully

Young carers 'bullied and stressed'

Younger siblings with older brothers more likely to be bullied

E. Protective Factors

F. Likely Outcomes of Bullying

Adolescents' Views of Guns in a High-Violence Community

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Relationship Between School Victimization and Student Mobility

A model of achievement and bullying: analyses of the Canadian National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth data

A quarter of children under 10 diet because they think they are overweight and face bullying taunts, shocking survey finds

Associations between bullying behaviour, psychosomatic complaints, emotional and behavioural problems

Being bullied in childhood: correlations with borderline personality in adulthood

Being bullied throughout childhood and teens may lead to more arrests, convictions, prison time

Bullied children want cosmetic surgery

Bullied Kids Often Develop Physical Symptoms, Study Says

Bullies and Victims More At Risk of Being Victims of Other Crimes, New Research Shows

Bullies target sexually confused

Bullying "can drive young insane"

Bullying affects kids' mental health

Bullying and PTSD Symptoms

Bullying at school scars adulthood

Bullying harms kids' mental health


Bullying linked to increased inflammation: study

Bullying May Keep Overweight Kids Off the Playgrounds

Bullying plays a potential role in pediatric lower urinary tract symptoms

Bullying tied to mental health problems

Child bullies are prone to sexual violence as adolescents, study shows

Childhood bullying as a predictor for becoming a teenage mother in Finland

Childhood bullying and becoming a young father in a national cohort of Finnish boys

Childhood Bullying Behavior and Later Psychiatric Hospital and Psychopharmacologic Treatment

Childhood Trauma May Increase Risk Of Psychotic Experiences - Royal College Of Psychiatrists

Does Bully Victimization Predict Future Delinquency? A Propensity Score Matching Approach

Exposure to bullying at school and depression in adulthood: A study of Danish men born in 1953

Family Mealtime Reduces Eating Disorders in Teens

Gender differences in the relationships between bullying at school and unhealthy eating and shape-related attitudes and behaviours

Genetics underpin bullying victimisation influence on paranoia

Girls who have bullied others by age 8 are more likely to have a child when they are teenagers

Hormones in children's saliva may indicate trauma from bullying

Kids Exposed to Bullying, Violence May Age Faster

New research: Bullying hurts kids' brains

New Study Finds A Common Bond Between School Bullies and Their Targets: Alcohol Abuse

Nightmares may signal a child is being bullied

One in 10 Girls Engages in Frequent Binge Eating or Purging


Peer Victimization In Middle And High School Predicts Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

Perceived Prevalence of Teasing and Bullying Predicts High School Dropout Rates

Pupils hiding talents from bullies, survey suggests

Relationship between bullying and type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents: a systematic review

Research finds bullies and victims 3 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts by age 11

Self-harm: 'I cut myself to feel better'

Smart School Bullies Less Likely to Become Criminals

Social Form Of Bullying Linked To Depression, Anxiety In Adults

Sociologist Ties Childhood Bullying Traits to Adult Anti-Social Behavior

Some teens more prone to depression from bullying

Study finds connection between teenage violence and domestic violence

Study: Schoolyard Bullies Four Times More Likely to Abuse Spouses as Adults

Study: Teasing adds to weight problems

The relationship between bullying victimization and gambling among adolescents

Today's Bullies - Tomorrow's Criminals?

Victimization from mental and physical bullying and substance use in early adolescence

Witnesses to Bullying May Face More Mental Health Risks

G. Bullying Prevention Strategies

A Large-Scale Evaluation of the KiVa Antibullying Program: Grades 4-6

A Mixed-Method Evaluation of a Strength-Based Bullying Prevention Program

Associations of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning-Inclusive Sex Education With Mental Health Outcomes and School-Based Victimization in U.S. High School Students

After-School Activities May Curb Bullying

Anti-bullying program reduces malicious gossip on school playgrounds

Anti-Bullying Programs Found To Cut Victimization 17-23%

A Qualitative Exploration of an Experiential Education Bully Prevention Curriculum

Attitude Training Reduces Bullying

Attachment and empathy as predictors of roles as defenders or outsiders in bullying interactions

Babes in arms help stop bullying

Beating The Bullies: Changing Real-world Behavior Through Virtual Experience

Bully Busters abbreviated: Evaluation of a group-based bully intervention and prevention program

Bullying: How Do Victims Respond to Bullies and Why?

Bullying Intervention Strategies That Work

Bullying Victimization Study At University Of Denver

Bullying: Elementary teachers' attitudes and intervention strategies

Bullying's roots traced to home

Bully-Proofing Playgrounds During School Recess

Bystanders Matter: Associations Between Reinforcing, Defending, and the Frequency of Bullying Behavior in Classrooms

Camaraderie of sports teams may deter bullying, violence

Can a Game of Tag Help Combat Bullying?

Caregivers’ Advice and Children’s Bystander Behaviors During Bullying Incidents

Cooperative classrooms lead to better friendships

Cooperative learning in middle school: A means to improve peer relations and reduce victimization, bullying, and related outcomes

Early Adolescent Peer Ecologies in Rural Communities: Bullying in Schools That Do and Do not Have a Transition During the Middle Grades

Families promote emotional and behavioural resilience to bullying: evidence of an environmental effect

Family, school support makes kids more likely to stand up to bullying

Forgiveness Reduces Anger in a School Bullying Context

From Victim to Taking Control: Support Group for Bullied Schoolchildren

How to Raise a Child Who Doesn't Bully

Human rights teaching reduces bullying, study finds

Impact of the Physical Activity on Bullying

Impact of the word bully on the reported rate of bullying behavior

Inclusive Classrooms

Inclusive Education as One of Best Solution for Bullying on Students with Special Need

Kindness reduces bullying environment

Labor to fight Cyberbullying

Lifting Recess Rules Reduces Bullying, New Zealand Study Finds

Making Classrooms Bully-Free Zones: Practical Suggestions for Educators

Male teachers 'vital role models

Mediation fix for bullies

New Research Reveals Disparity Between Thought and Action When it Comes to Bullying Prevention

New Study Reveals Latino Parents' Views On Bullying, Sexual Orientation And Prejudice

Peaceful Playgrounds Nationally Rated "Best in Class"

Peaceful Schools Program Reduces Bullying

Pilot evaluation of the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program on children's bullying behavior

Predictors of bullying involvement in young adolescents: The role of internalized and externalized anger, emotional intelligence and narcissism

Predictors of student defenders of peer aggression victims: Empathy and social cognitive factors

Program Effectiveness of a Restorative Whole-School Approach for Tackling School Bullying in Hong Kong

Pupil mentors will be trained to beat bullying

Researchers Push to Import Top Anti-Bullying Program to US Schools

Responding to Bullying

School Bullying Among Adolescents in the United States: Physical, Verbal, Relational, and Cyber

School-Based Mentoring as Selective Prevention for Bullied Children: A Preliminary Test

School-Based Programs to Reduce Bullying and Victimization

Social Skills Training as a Mean of Improving Intervention for Bullies and Victims

Students with influence over peers reduce school bullying by 30 percent

Stillson's Bus Buddies reward good behavior

Students who gel well with classmates, peers are less likely to become bullies

Study analyzes personality traits of bullies, victims

Tackle bullys 'by focusing on their sidekicks'

Teachers Using Role-play to Prevent Bullying

The effectiveness of assertiveness training for school-aged children on bullying and assertiveness level

The Effect of Background Music on Bullying: A Pilot Study

The effect of student participation in Student Success Skills on pro-social and bullying behavior

The impact of parent involvement on bullying at the middle school level

The Impact of Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports on Bullying and Peer Rejection

The role of bystanders in students' perception of bullying and sense of safety

The role of teacher behavior in children's relational aggression development: A five-wave longitudinal study

Three-year results of the Friendly Schools whole-of-school intervention on children's bullying behaviour

UC Study Finds Integrated Schools Benefit Students

Understanding the relationship between perceived school climate and bullying: A mediator analysis

Using social norms to reduce bullying: A research intervention among adolescents in five middle schools

Victimization, anger, and gender: Low anger and passive responses work

Victims of bullying may get their own school

Virtual learning intervention to reduce bullying victimization in primary school: a controlled trial

Virtual reality games could help bullying victims

Why Bullies Bully

Working with parents to counteract bullying: a randomized controlled trial of an intervention to improve parent-school cooperation

YouTube tackles bullying online

II. Cyber-Bullying

Access to a Loaded Gun Without Adult Permission and School-Based Bullying

A longitudinal study of cyberbullying: Examining risk and protective factors

A Dangerous New Twist on Cyberbullying

Breakfast Skipping is associated with Cyberbullying and School Bullying Victimization: A School-based Cross-sectional Study

Children exposed to violence more likely to be cyberbullies

Bullying of teenagers online is common, UCLA psychologists report

Children’s Social Integration and Low Perception of Negative Relationships as Protectors Against Bullying and Cyberbullying

Cyberbullies hit primary schools

Cyber bullying can start with a miscue, study says

Cyberbullying Also Prevalent in Poor, High-Crime Neighborhoods: Study

Cyberbullying and Self-Esteem

Cyber-Bullying Harder On Victims Than Physical Violence

Cyber-Bullying Increasing in Middle and High Schools, Study Says

Cyber-bullying gathers pace in US

Cyberbullying is as common as name-calling, study shows

Cyberbullying Less Stressful Than In-Person Bullying, Study Claims

Cyber-Bullying' On The Rise

Cyberbullying: Bullying beyond the schoolyard

Cyberbullying Less Frequent Than Traditional Bullying

Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

Cybervictimization and body esteem: Experiences of Swedish children and adolescents

Family Communication Problems, Psychosocial Adjustment and Cyberbullying

For teens, online bullying worsens sleep and depression

Forgiveness and cyberbullying in adolescence: Does willingness to forgive help minimize the risk of becoming a cyberbully?

Internet breeds bullies

Longitudinal associations between sexting, cyberbullying, and bullying among adolescents: Cross-lagged panel analysis

More adolescents suffer cyber bullying now

Online Bullying Rising in Youths

Processes of cyberbullying, and feelings of remorse by bullies: A pilot study

Risk and protective factors associated with cyberbullying: Are relationships or rules more protective?

School Cyberbullies Could Become Workplace Victims - Study

School holidays increase the risk of cyber bullying

Teens take bullying to the Internet, study finds

Teens Talk: What Works to Stop Cyberbullying

Teens who are cyberbullied more likely to cyberbully others: study

The reason why cyber-bullies troll on FB, Twitter: boredom

The relationship between the cyberbullying/cybervictmization and loneliness among adolescents

Third and fourth graders who own cell phones are more likely to be cyberbullied

Traditional Bullying, Cyberbullying and Mental Health in Early Adolescents: Forgiveness as a Protective Factor of Peer Victimisation

Youth Cybercrime Linked to Friends' Influence

III. School Violence

1.5 million crimes at school in 2007

1.7 Million Students Attend Schools With Police But No Counselors, New Data Show

A crisis in masculinity among young boys is driving them to carry out school shootings, study finds

Alone and adrift: The association between mass school shootings, school size, and student support

Associations of School Violence with Physical Activity Among U.S. High School Students

Bullying Victims Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands; 31 Times More Likely To Bring A Weapon To School

Characteristics of perpetrators of targeted violence at high schools in the United States

Children who witness violence at school may face risk of psycho-social impairment

FBI says 71 percent of school shooters felt bullied

Four out of 10 young children are being bullied

Gender differences in the relative impact of physical and relational bullying on adolescent injury and weapon carrying

Hundreds went to class armed, S.F. study finds

Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2007

Mass school-shootings double in a decade, report shows

More under-fives suspended from school

National Survey Indicates One in Four Girls Aged 12-17 Were Involved in Serious Fights or Attacks in the Past Year

Nearly One In Three Adolescents Participated In A Violent Behavior Over The Past Year

New Study Finds Decline in Single-Victim School-Associated Violent Deaths

New study finds high rates of childhood exposure to violence and abuse in US

One in five 14 and 15-year-olds admits to carrying a weapon

Opportunity, Involvement, and Student Exposure to School Violence

School Violence Sends 90K Kids to ER Every Year

Steroid Use and School Violence, School Violent Victimization, and Suicidal Ideation Among Adolescents

Study finds correlation between high unemployment rates and gun violence on campus

Study Finds School Shootings More Likely in 'Culture of Honor' States

Study shows rapid rise in mass school shootings in the US

Survey Finds School Violence Hits 1 in 4 Students

Three-quarters of guns used in recent school shootings were brought from family home

Tighter Gun Control Laws Linked to Fewer School Shootings in U.S.

US school shootings rose sharply in recent years: Report

U.S. Teens Portrayed as Violent, Unethical

Violence by girls on the rise

White male teens most likely carry weapon

IV. Suicide

1 in 7 Students Report Having Seriously Considered Suicide, Survey Finds

Alcohol and marijuana use as daily predictors of suicide ideation and attempts among adolescents prior to psychiatric hospitalization

Almost half of child suicides are due to bullying

Are school difficulties an early sign for mental disorder diagnosis and suicide prevention? A comparative study of individuals who died by suicide and control group

Assessing the Relationship Between School Failure and Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Longitudinal Studies

Association Among Television and Computer/Video Game Use, Victimization, and Suicide Risk Among U.S. High School Students

Association Between the Release of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Suicide Rates in the United States: An Interrupted Times Series Analysis

Association of Psychotic Experiences With Subsequent Risk of Suicidal Ideation, Suicide Attempts, and Suicide Deaths: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Longitudinal Population Studies

Attachment to Parents As a Moderator in the Association between Sibling Bullying and Depression or Suicidal Ideation among Children and Adolescents

Being Bullied at School: Gratitude as Potential Protective Factor for Suicide Risk in Adolescents

Between 16 -18 % of Preteens Have Ideas of Suicide: Study

Body dissatisfaction and symptoms of bulimia nervosa prospectively predict suicide ideation in adolescents

Bullying may push teens towards suicide

Childhood irritability and depressive/anxious mood profiles, and adolescent suicidal ideation/attempt : a population-based cohort study

Contribution of sleep deprivation to suicidal behaviour: A systematic review

Cyberbullying and Victimization and Youth Suicide Risk: The Buffering Effects of School Connectedness

Cyberbullying Only Rarely the Sole Factor Identified in Teen Suicides

Cyberbullying triples suicide risk in teens

Depression and hopelessness as risk factors for suicide ideation, attempts and death: meta-analysis of longitudinal studies

Deliberate self-harm can signal suicide risk

Depression: Recognizing the Warning Signs of Suicide

Disproportionate increase in suicide rates for females aged 10-14

Effects of school violence on depression and suicidal ideation in multicultural adolescents

Emotional Violence In Childhood, Adolescence Associated With Suicidal Thoughts

Engaging in sexual intercourse in early adolescence associated with an increased risk of attempting suicide

Epilepsy Drug Linked to Suicide Risk in Young

Examining the association between prescription opioid misuse and suicidal behaviors among adolescent high school students in the United States

Examining the Association between Weapon Carrying on School Property and Suicide Attempt among Adolescents in the United States

Family Conflict, Low Parental Supervision Risk Factors for Suicidality in Children, Study Finds

Frequent nightmares may increase risk of suicide, self-harm in teens

Is suicide contagious? Our research sheds light on how to help youngsters cope

Kids' Suicide Risk Same for All Antidepressants

LGBTQ Youth Make Up 1 Out Of Every 4 Preteen Suicides, Study Finds

New Data Links Anti-Gay School Bullying with Suicide, HIV, STDs

New research links teen alcohol use with suicide

New Study Finds Bullying and Cyberbullying are Parent's #1 Fear More Than Kidnapping, Domestic Terrorism and Suicide

Old-for-Grade Status and Suicide Risk in U.S. High School Students

One in eight US youngsters contemplates suicide, research finds

One Key Factor Raises Gay and Lesbian Teens' Suicide Risk

Parental unawareness and adolescent denial of suicide risk highly prevalent, researchers find

Parental use of Rx opioids increases risk for suicide attempts

People with ADHD May Have a Higher Suicide Risk

Physical Activity, Sport Participation, and Suicidal Behavior: U. S. High School Students

Potential suicide ideation and its association with observing bullying at school

Preteen suicide risk at 30 percent, study says

Preventing Suicide in Youth: Steps for Parents and Teachers

Preventing Youth Suicide: Tips for Parents & Educators

Risk of attempted suicide among adolescents and young adults with traumatic brain injury: a nationwide longitudinal study

Same-Sex Marriage Laws Tied to Fewer Teen Suicides

School absenteeism as a risk factor for self-harm and suicidal ideation in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Self-esteem and suicidal behaviour in youth: A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies

Short babies 'face suicide risk'

Study finds ‘disturbing upward trends’ may have common roots

Study Links Concussion to Higher Risk of Later Suicide

Suicidal Thoughts More Common in Kids With Autism: Study

Suicide prevention: Guidelines for schools

Suicide rates are rising among children, but bullying not considered the cause

Suicide Attempts Fall After Depression Treatment Begins

Suicide research and prevention: we need new, innovative approaches

Suicide Risk Rises Significantly Following a Cancer Diagnosis: Study

Suicide victims often hide suicidal thoughts: study

The American Association of Suicidology

The association between economic uncertainty and suicide in the short-run

The Association Between Emotional Intelligence and Suicidal Behavior: A Systematic Review

The Association Between Low Vitamin D Levels and Suicide Attempts in Adolescents

The Relationship of Suicide Risk to Family History of Suicide and Psychiatric Disorders

Unemployment May Fuel a Fifth of Suicides Worldwide, Study Says

Violent Crime in Adolescents Who Self-Harm Linked to Low Self-Control, Maltreatment

Youth Suicides Shown to Rise With Poverty Levels

V. De-escalation/Defense Techniques

Broken Text Link Report