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About the Speaker

Mark Lakewood, CEO

Mark Lakewood, CEO

of Building Strong Families National Seminars

Bullying Prevention Expert

Clinical Mental Health Therapist

National Professional/Motivational Speaker




Mr. Lakewood earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Social Work while enrolled in the advanced standing program.


After graduating with his Master's degree, Mr. Lakewood provided counseling services in a variety of medical clinics, hospitals, mental health facilities, and a family preservation agency. He also obtained employment at a variety of family preservation and mental health facilities.

Mr. Lakewood developed and facilitated parenting programs for parents of strong-willed children which gained local recognition. This program taught parents strategies and techniques to help them effectively manage their children's behavior. He also created a family therapy model, an observational/interactive technique, which uses teachable moments to help parents learn, develop, and implement effective parenting skills and techniques.

Mr. Lakewood worked extensively in the k-12 school setting both as a school social worker and as a school-based mental health clinician.

Mr. Lakewood also provided consultation and professional development staff training to numerous school administrators and educators as well as clinical services to students and their families on issues of bullying and behavior management. He was featured and interviewed on television/radio programs and in newspaper articles. In 2002, Mr. Lakewood established his own private practice where he provided individual, family, marital, couples, and group therapy outpatient mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults.

Mr. Lakewood has and continues to conduct extensive research regarding school bullying/violence and youth aggression.

Mr. Lakewood is CEO and founder of Building Strong Families National Seminars since 2006. As a national motivational/professional speaker, Mr. Lakewood presently facilitates seminars on family-related issues. With his dynamic speaking style, he uses humor and practical skills to help others overcome life obstacles. Mr. Lakewood is easy going, an excellent communicator, entertainer, inspiring, provides a relaxed and safe environment, and promotes awareness and understanding to help others obtain the necessary skills to resolve their conflicts. With his enthusiasm, uniqueness, and high energy level, his speaking style keeps his audiences attentive.

In 2006, Mr. Lakewood authored and videotaped his first parenting DVD/downloadable video series entitled the 'Sudden Compliance' Program. This program is designed to empower parents to swiftly improve the behavior of their children at home, school, and within the community. This program is presently available for purchase. In addition to the DVD's/downloadable videos, the 'Sudden Compliance' Program is also offered as a live webinar series.

Also in 2006 to present, Mr. Lakewood facilitates the 'Standing Up To Bullying' conference. Introducing the latest research, this 3-hour powerful conference is designed to empower and equip school administrators, educators, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and others who work with children with skills and tools designed to recognize, minimize or eradicate youth bullying and school violence. In addition to offering this conference on-site, we are excited to announce that this conference is now being offered as a webinar! Those who are interested in attending this webinar can easily schedule it for their group to attend. Mr. Lakewood presently tours the country presenting this conference.

In 2007, after working several years with children on issues of bullying, Mr. Lakewood developed the 'Standing Up To Bullying' game. Offered as a computer and a card game, this educational and noncompetitive game teaches school-age children anti-bullying skills in a fun and exciting way by teaching effective ways to resolve issues of bullying without resorting to violence. This game can easily be played at home, classroom, and therapy settings. This game is currently offered as a download.

Therapeutic Models

Mr. Lakewood subscribes to three therapeutic models: 1) Ecological/Systems theory, 2) Cognitive theory, and 3) Behavioral theory. The Ecological/Systems model focuses on how we are affected by our environment. The Cognitive model focuses on how we are affected by our thoughts and beliefs. The Behavioral model focuses on how we are affected by our behavior. Mr. Lakewood believes that all three models are very effective in reducing or eliminating emotional and behavioral problems in children, adolescents, and adults.

As a Crohn's disease survivor, Mr. Lakewood continues to encounter medical obstacles which limits his ability to maintain his role as a therapist. However, his condition has not stopped him from sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.