"Strengthening, enhancing, and empowering families, schools, and communities."

Our Mission Statement

Serving families, individuals, parents, couples, and professionals, Building Strong Families National Seminars facilitates powerful educational conferences, seminars, parenting webinars, and offers family-related products with topics geared toward strengthening, empowering, and enhancing families, schools, and communities.

What We Do

We facilitate presentations and offer family-related products that are enlightening, inspiring, encouraging, motivating, educational, and aids in helping individuals overcome personal obstacles in their life. We specialize in providing parenting webinars and school bullying/violence prevention conferences.

All presentations feature a powerful multi-media presentation involving lecture, discussion, question and answer, slides, and video clips.

In addition to our prepared presentations, we can customize or prepare a presentation according to your specifications.

We also accept presentation requests in the event that a presentation is scheduled at an inconvenient date/time.

We provide seminars/conferences onsite or as live webinars.