'Shaping Behavior With Rewards' Webinar

Shaping Behavior With Rewards Webinar

'Shaping Behavior With Rewards' Parenting Webinar

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Please answer the following questions:

  • Is your child experiencing behavior problems at home or at school?
  • Is it difficult finding the most effective reward that improves your child's behavior?
  • Do you sometimes get frustrated when rewards do not appear to be improving your child's behavior?
  • Do you feel that you spend more time disciplining your child than rewarding him/her for good behavior?
  • Would you like to learn effective ways how to reward kids for good behavior that are guaranteed to improve your child's behavior?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this live parenting webinar is for you!



What does this parenting webinar explore?

Boy sitting
Wouldn't it be great if child misbehavior improves just with the use of rewards instead implementing rules and consequences? This can be a reality if implemented correctly. Earning rewards encourages compliance and cooperation as it focuses on the child's strengths. Simply enforcing rules and consequences, although needed, can be a negative experience as the focus is mostly on the child's weaknesses and faults. This powerful one-hour webinar will help you design an effective token economy system that will improve your child's behavior.
This webinar explores:
  • The importance of rewarding kids to shape or improve the behavior of children,
  • How to extinguish your reward or token economy system to get the maximum benefit, and
  • Developing an effective reward system for kids that is guaranteed to improve behavior.
At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will have developed an effective reward system for kids for their home, classroom, or any other setting.

Who should attend?

This webinar is extremely beneficial to parents (especially of strong-willed children), educators, and anyone else who works with children.

What do I need to attend this webinar?

You would be attending a live broadcast! The webinar experience is very similar to attending an on-site seminar. You will be able to view the presenter and the slide presentation while listening from your computer speakers. Additionally, you can easily interact with the presenter during the webinar via the chat room located in the webinar site or by using an external microphone (headset).

Since the webinar is entirely browser-based, there is no download required and you will be able to view the webinar with any computer or operating system! All that is required from you is a computer with a high speed Internet connection with computer speakers. Before registering to attend this webinar, it is advised that you check to make sure that your computer and Internet connection is compatible by clicking here.

After submitting your registration form, you will be sent an invitation email from AnyMeeting.com that contains a direct link to the webinar room.
The RSVP deadline date for the webinars is always the day before the webinar date/time.

About the Speaker

Mark Lakewood, CEO
Mark Lakewood, CEO of Building Strong Families National Seminars, a distinguished parenting expert, researcher, author, and national speaker with decades of clinical experience as a mental health therapist, graduated with a Masters degree in Social Work. Prior to establishing his own private practice, he was employed at medical/psychiatric hospitals and clinics, and a family preservation agency. Mr. Lakewood has an extensive history providing mental health therapy services to children, adolescents, and adults. Mr. Lakewood worked extensively in the k-12 school setting both as a school social worker and as a school-based mental health clinician.  He provided consultation and professional development staff training to numerous school administrators and educators as well as clinical services to students and their families on issues of bullying and behavior management.  Mr. Lakewood has and continues to conduct extensive research regarding school bullying/violence and youth aggression.

Mr. Lakewood developed and facilitated a parenting program for parents of strong-willed children, Techniques In Parenting Skills (TIPS), that gained local recognition. This program taught parents strategies and techniques to help them effectively manage their children's behavior. He also created and developed the Intensive Family Therapy (IFT) model, an observational/interactive technique, which uses teachable moments to help parents learn, develop, and implement effective parenting skills and techniques.

Mr. Lakewood later created the Sudden Compliance Program and is currently offering it as a DVD/downloadable video series and as a webinar series. For his complete biography, please click here.

Gift for attending

'Standing Up To Bullying' Game

As our gift for attending, participants will receive a free copy, the full version, of the 'Standing Up To Bullying' game, bullying games for kids.  

This highly popular and valuable educational and noncompetitive game is designed to teach children school bullying and violence prevention skills and can ideally be played in classrooms, homes, or therapy settings. 

What is the webinar fee?

The cost to attend this webinar is only $9.95!  All major credit/debit cards and personal/business checks are accepted.  We process online payments via PayPal.  You do not need an account with PayPal to pay online.  School purchase orders are also accepted.

Are refunds granted?

Absolutely!! If you cancel your reservation 24-hours prior to the date of the webinar or if you experience trouble connecting to the webinar on the date of the webinar, please email us at Info@StrongFamilies.us or phone us toll-free at 1(866)544-4075 and you will be granted a complete refund.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion after attending this webinar?

  At the conclusion of the webinar, a Certification of Completion in PDF format will be emailed to you. It is advised that professionals consult with their licensing board to determine if attending this webinar qualifies for continuing education requirements.

Will an outline with handouts be provided?

Yes. You will be able to download and/or print a webinar outline with handouts prior to the webinar date.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

 If you need to cancel your reservation, please email us at Info@StrongFamilies.us or phone us toll-free at 1(866)544-4075 before the date of the webinar.

Could I schedule this parenting webinar at a date/time most convenient to me or my group?

 Yes!  Please complete this form and we will notify you as to whether your request can be granted.

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