Sudden Compliance Program

 What are the session topics and descriptions? 

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Top 10 Parenting Myths and Misconceptions

It is strongly recommended that this session be viewed prior to the other sessions as it depicts several beliefs that could limit or reduce improvement in your child's behavior. Unless these beliefs are identified and addressed, very little progress, if any, will be made regardless of how many videos you view. In addition, this session details factors to rule out before starting a behavior program for your child, factors that affect how we choose to raise children, how emotional problems affect child discipline, and what we should do if our beliefs and values are challenged when learning new skills.  Video length: 1 hour, 3 minutes

Why Children Misbehave (Only available as a webinar)

In order to implement effective discipline for children, we first must have an understanding as to why children misbehave. If we discipline a child who misbehaves primarily because of a medical or emotional problem, the discipline imposed can be counterproductive. Children can misbehave for a variety of reasons. Most of the reasons why children misbehave can be controlled for and altered once identified. This powerful one-hour research-based session explores reasons for child misbehavior by examining the psychology, biology, social, and environmental factors that can contribute to child misbehavior. Since this webinar contains all the latest research regarding child misbehavior, it is constantly updated.

Creating Rules That Kids Follow

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to establish rules for your child. If you establish rules incorrectly, you are liable to meet up with a lot of defiance and resistance. Even though rules on their own may not affect your child's behavior, rules can invite compliance and cooperation if designed correctly. This session details why children need to follow rules, factors to be aware of when establishing rules, and how to create effective household rules that your child will follow.  Video length: 54 minutes

Teaching Compliance with Consequences

Your child's behavior may not improve by just enforcing rules. Rules simply define behavioral expectations and boundaries. That is why you need to establish appropriate consequences and discipline per rule. Establishing specific logical consequences that directly match specific rules is more effective than punishments in terms of changing behavior. This session details the definition of logical consequences verses punishments, the definition of learned helplessness and how it affects children, and how to develop effective logical consequences for your child.  Video length: 1 hour, 1 minute

Shaping Behavior with Rewards

It is critical that with any behavior program, you design a reward system or a token economy system so that your child's behavior improves with rewards. Having children earn rewards invites compliance and cooperation as it focuses on your child's strengths. Simply enforcing rules and consequences can negatively affect your child as the focus is mostly on your child's weaknesses and faults. This session details what a token economy system is, why it is important to eventually extinguish the system, and how to develop an effective token economy system for your child.  Video length: 1 hour, 13 minutes

Using Time-Outs and Groundings Effectively

Unless you were raised with time-outs and groundings implemented effectively, you might not be effective in implementing these disciplinary techniques on your child. This session details the complete implementation of these disciplinary techniques from what you should do to what you should say to your child. In addition, this session details what time-outs and groundings are supposed to accomplish and whether you should time-out or ground your child given their age and intellect.  Video length: 1 hour, 1 minute

Enforcing Consequences with Restraints

Sometimes with younger children, expecting them to simply serve their consequence can be met with extreme defiance and opposition. At these times, you might need a little more reinforcement than what rules and consequences can provide. The baskethold restraint procedure is thoroughly discussed in this session in terms of how to place your child in one and what you should say to your child during the restraint. This restraint is intended to be a safe way to effectively manage your child when he/she fails to serve consequences, is physically out-of-control, combative, or engages in self-abusive behaviors.  Video length: 39 minutes

Managing Anger Before It Manages Us

This session is a must to have in terms of recognizing how anger plays a part in how we discipline children. It also helps identify specific symptoms and signs when we are stressed and addresses several tools and techniques designed to alleviate or decrease stress and anger before it manages us. Everything taught in this session could be taught to your child in terms of teaching conflict resolution and anger management skills. In addition, this session details where anger comes from and how our thoughts affect our mood and behavior.  Video length: 52 minutes

Talking So Kids Listen

The words we say have the power to raise up others or tear them down. Even though words cannot be smelled, tasted, held, or physically touched, this does not mean that words are meaningless. Words help emotionally mold, prepare, and motivate us to strive to become all that we can be. This session details ways to teach children how to express their feelings, identifies pitfalls to communication, the importance of family meetings, and several skills to help you improve your communication and relationship with your child.  Video length: 1 hour, 24 minutes

Entire DVD/Downloadable Video Series

To purchase the entire DVD/Downloadable series (8 Videos)click here!

 What is this parenting skills program all about? 

The Sudden Compliance Program is designed to help children significantly and swiftly improve their behavior at home, school, and within the community, by teaching effective discipline for children without relying on medication, psychological or psychiatric services.

 Which child age group does this parenting skills program address? 

The Sudden Compliance Program addresses children of all ages, from birth to 17.

 Who should consider purchasing the Sudden Compliance Program? 

This program is intended for parents (especially of strong-willed or difficult children) and caregivers. However, educators, childcare workers, or anyone else who works or cares for children can benefit from the tools, skills, and strategies taught in this program.

 In what forms does this parenting skills program come in? 

Sudden Compliance Program

This program comes in: 

  • 8-DVD's, or 
  • 8-downloadable videos, or 
  • 9 live webinars.

(Each approximately one-hour in length) 

You could purchase the DVD's or videos separately or as a set. Because the DVD's and videos were recorded in sequence, it is recommended that you purchase the series as it would be difficult to implement the skills taught from one DVD or video if you first have not begun implementing the skills from the prior DVD or video.

 Are handouts used in this parenting skills program?  

Yes. Handouts are used to facilitate learning by offering opportunities to exercise specific skills, tools, and techniques. The handouts can be downloaded from this website after purchasing the downloadable videos. However, if you purchase the DVD's, you will receive the handouts via email.  The handouts are in PDF file format.  If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, please feel free to download this free reader:
Adobe Reader

 Should I stop giving my child medication and discontinue psychiatric  services? 

Absolutely not! Discontinuing, reducing, or increasing medication should only be left to the discretion of the prescribing physician. Discontinuing therapy services should be left to the discretion of the therapist. The Sudden Compliance Program can act as a supplement but not as a substitute in the event that your child is presently receiving psychiatric or psychological services.

 What is Mark Lakewood's biography? 

Mark Lakewood, CEO
In 1986, Mr. Lakewood earned his Bachelors degree in Social Work at George Williams College, Downers Grove, Illinois. In 1987, while enrolled in the advanced standing program, Mr. Lakewood earned his Masters degree in Social Work at Aurora University, Aurora, Illinois.

Mr. Lakewood developed and facilitated a parenting program for parents of strong-willed children, Techniques In Parenting Skills (TIPS), that gained local recognition. This program taught parents strategies and techniques to help them effectively manage their children's behavior. He also created and developed the Intensive Family Therapy (IFT) model, an observational/interactive technique, which uses teachable moments to help parents learn, develop, and implement effective parenting skills and techniques. Please click here to read his complete biography.

 What is the program fee? 

 Fees Individually Series     
DVD's and Downloadable Videos  $9.95 per video  $69.65 for all 8 videos 
Live Interactive Webinars  $9.95 per webinar  $69.65 for all 9 webinars
(This fee reflects one free session) 

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Debit, PayPal, and personal/business checks are accepted forms of payment. Though you will be taken to the PayPal website after clicking the Buy Now button, you still have the option to pay with your own credit or debit card without having to open a PayPal account.

Could I have a complete refund in the event my child's behavior does not  improve with this parenting skills program? 

Yes. Building Strong Families National Seminars is offering a 30-day complete refund if your child's behavior does not improve. However, this refund only applies to those that purchase the DVD/downloadable video series or attends the webinar series. The DVD's must be returned without damage.

 Would I be charged for shipping and handling? 

You will not be charged for shipping and handling expenses.

 What if I need additional support to implement the skills, tools, and  strategies taught in this parenting skills program? 

Free unlimited email support will be offered to those that attend or purchase any session of the Sudden Compliance Program. You will be able to directly email Mark Lakewood,, with any questions concerning any tools, strategies, or techniques taught in the program.

 Could I receive a Certificate of Completion after viewing each session? 

Yes. Those requesting a Certificate of Completion will be asked to pass a short quiz as proof that they viewed the program via DVD or downloadable video. Those that attend the webinar sessions will receive a certificate without having to pass a quiz. If DVD's/Videos are purchased one at a time, a Certificate of Completion will be provided per DVD/video viewed. However, if you purchase the DVD/video series, one Certificate of Completion will be provided. A link to the quizzes will be emailed to you.