Standing Up To Bullying! Game

 What is the object of this anti bullying game? 

With the computer game, each player can play by themselves or with up to 4 players to achieve the highest trophy level and/or the highest score. Trophy levels are awarded by the amount of money earned. Players will earn money when they answer questions correctly. Money is not deducted for incorrect answers. The trophy levels are as follows:
  • Bronze Trophy Level - Achieved after earning $3,000.00.
  • Silver Trophy Level - Achieved after earning $6,000.00.
  • Gold Trophy Level - Achieved after earning $9,000.00.
The game will continue after reaching the Gold Trophy level. Therefore, players need to decide in advance whether the game will end after one reaches the Gold Trophy level or by reaching the highest score.

With the card game which has a strong role-playing component, the player who earns the most money wins the game. This game is designed to be played one-on-one or in a group setting. In a group setting, this game can be played with opponents competing against each other, groups of participants competing against other groups, or the entire group working together to reach a common goal (cooperative play). For instance, a specific reward can be granted to each group participant if the entire group reaches/earns a specific monetary value. 

What are the anti bullying game cards? 

There are 6 types of game cards:

  1. Understanding Bullying - These cards are designed to teach children specific facts regarding the issue of bullying.
  2. Verbal Responses to Bullying - These cards are designed to help children identify appropriate and inappropriate verbal responses to bullying.
  3. Anti-Bullying Skills - These cards are designed to help children learn and practice anti-bullying skills.
  4. Friendship - These cards are designed to help children learn how to make and keep friends.
  5. Body Language - These cards are designed to help children learn the importance of body language and its effect on bullying.
  6. Bonus - These cards identify appropriate ways to cope with bullying. Players are awarded money when they land on a 'Bonus Card' space.

 Will there be an extra fee for future game updates/upgrades? 

After your initial game purchase, you will automatically receive free unlimited game updates and upgrades. We will notify you via email once an update or an upgrade becomes available.

 What if I need some help with the anti bullying game? 

If you experience any problems or have any questions regarding the game, please email your questions to

 What is your refund policy? 

A complete refund will be granted if the product is defective within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please email us at with your request for a refund and with a complete description of the problem that you are having with the game.

 Can I give you feedback regarding the anti bullying game? 

To make this game and future games more effective, please feel free to email your opinions, comments, errors that you found, and constructive criticism about this game to Thank you!

 How do I purchase and download the anti bullying game? 

Please click the PayPal button below to purchase this game. After your purchase, you will immediately be directed to the game download page. If you are not immediately directed to the download page, please either email us at or phone us toll-free at 866-544-4075.

 Do you offer a free trial version of this anti bullying game? 

Yes!!! To evaluate this game without making a purchase, you can play the browser version of this game by clicking here or download the Windows version by clicking here. Although the trial version offers unlimited play, the number of game cards per subject is limited to 3 totaling 18 cards.

 How is this anti bullying game offered? 

This game is offered as a computer and a card game (Download and browser-based).

 How much does this anti bullying game cost? 

The full version of the computer game is only $14.95 while the card game is only $9.95!

 What is the purpose of this anti bullying game? 

This highly popular and valuable educational and noncompetitive anti bullying game for kids is designed to teach children school bullying and violence prevention skills and techniques that can ideally be played in classrooms, homes, or therapy settings. The computer game can ideally be played by one or up to 4 players while the card game can be played with an unlimited number of players.

This game teaches children:

  • Bullying prevention skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Conflict resolution skills.
  • Confrontational skills.
  • How the self-esteem affects bullying.
  • Profiles of bullies and their victims.
  • The importance of and how to place boundaries on friendships.
  • Anger management skills.
  • The importance of body language and its effect on bullying.

 Is this anti bullying game only available as a download? 

Presently, this game is only offered as a download. Should you ever misplace the game or the game for whatever reason damages, just email us at and we will instantly email you the download link again.

 What are the anti bullying game requirements? 

The computer game can be easily downloaded and installed on any Windows or Mac computer system as well as flash drives. This game requires your computer to have Flash Player 8 or later installed. It is recommended that your screen resolution be 1068x764 or higher. For more specific computer requirements, please click here.

The browser version of the computer game requires that your browser and Adobe Flash Player are up to date.

The card game can be easily downloaded and printed on business card templates. The card game requires the cards to be printed out. Please purchase 19 printable business card sheets (typically two packages/10 sheets per package). Please make sure the printable business cards that you plan to purchase is compatible with your printer (inexpensive printable business cards can be found in the office supply section of Wal-Mart).

If you do not have PDF already installed on your computer, please click here.

***CAUTION - Before printing the PDF formatted card files unto business card templates, it is best to perform a test by first printing the cards on regular typing paper. Line up the printed page of cards with one blank business card sheet to make sure that the text is aligned in each card and not bleeding into another card. If you notice the text to bleed into another card, please notify us at so that we could correct this issue.


"I liked it (the computer game) a lot---especially the actual photographs of the kids posing in ways which may either invite or deflect bullying. In this case a picture speaks a thousand words. We learned a lot from it."

Christine - Parent

"This is a wonderful game for children to learn how to handle a bully and to not be a bully! My 9 year old daughter had a great time playing it with me! Excellent creation! Fun and educational at the same time!"

Jennifer - Parent

"My daughter and I enjoyed playing the game! As a 4th grader, she understood the questions with little problem."

Adrianne - Parent